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of failure and forgiveness and fight


I love living in this place. Not this house, not this town, but this country. I do. I love it. I am beyond thankful for all my mind and body do not have to endure thanks to the country into which I was born. I am beyond thankful for the families that came before mine that fought selflessly, sacrificially, valiantly. I am living the good life. Truly.

But while this country does many things very well, there is one area in particular where we fail miserably. More than that. So much so that no word could adequately describe our…failure.

I was reminded of this yesterday as we walked downtown to meet others like us. To stand quietly by the side of the road. To have a hushed conversation with my eight year old. One that no two people should ever have to have with one another. Ever. To explain the inexplicable. To mourn.

I was surprised by the effect it had on me. I went in knowing exactly what this meeting meant, but was completely undone when my eyes met hers. This little one. The eyes of my four year old standing there holding the sign she chose, all smiley and completely unaware of what those words said or meant, and I knew.

Life Chain
I knew that the words she held, though I shared some with her sister, (notice, I said some, certainly not all, not even close) were beyond what I could bear to share with her. I was so thankful she didn’t ask, because I knew.

I knew that I could never adequately explain some expectant mothers’ fear or despair.

I knew that I could never give a reason she could accept as to why some we know and love think that it would have been good and right, if I had chosen for her to not be here.

I knew that I could not convey how much I want her to never even come close to feeling that there is any choice to be made.

I was thankful she didn’t ask, because I knew.

I knew that if she did, and if I did, she would understand. She would. My four year old. And it would forever change her. Knowing what we do. Knowing how we fail.

Failure. It has a synonym that you will no doubt recognize. Look it up. Do you see it? It’s there. Abortion.

It can be different.

It can change. I think so anyway. I’ll admit, I do have doubts. We’re in pretty deep.

It starts here though. With the message our ten year old got to share. It was one of hope and promise. It is one that reminds us that the One who created us, also restores.

It reminds us that although what we have done is atrocious, forgiveness is ours. God does heal, and we can live in a world where life is honored and precious.

Yesterday it began in my house, well, continued really, but began in a new way. Prayerfully, someday the same will be true in my town and in my country.


I love this country…and at the same time I hate it. Because even with all of the technology and information we possess, we still don’t get it.

They’re worth it. You’re worth it.


Selflessly. Sacrificially. Valiantly.


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

10 thoughts on “of failure and forgiveness and fight

  1. I like when you write articles like this one.

  2. Failure…Murder… It is indeed hard to look at our children and think it’s legal and sadly sometimes encouraged to kill these little ones because of how they were feeling (our hearts are so deceptive), or because they “were wronged”–do either of these justify premeditated murder?
    It’s a hard topic, and you’re honesty and bravery to address the topic are refreshing.
    I appreciate the gentle way in which you are able to show your daughter Satan’s work in the world. I know when she is older, you will be able to build on this experience in so many different character building ways.
    Blessings, and keep fighting the good fight dear Sister,

  3. Good reminder. Breaks my heart when I think about abortion because there are SO many couples looking to adopt!!

  4. Thanks for being willing to stand in the gap, you and your family.

  5. This was a wonderful post. One I wish didn’t need to be written, but unfortunately it does. Blessings as you continue to share hope and truth in this space.

  6. Praying for you and yours tonight. Hoping you emerge strong.

  7. Heather,
    Have enjoyed heading over here each day as part of your Where 2 or… challenge these last couple of months in an effort to get to know you better. Hope your one year blogging quest is a learning opportunity and comfort to you, and that you get out of it what you are looking for.
    Many Blessings in your journey,

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