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the 12 seconds i can’t get back


A car fire rages in the background. Her body slumps over the engine of her own broken down pick-up. She turns around revealing her shredded jeans and bloodied legs. The camera scans upward to show her matted hair, her blood stained shirt, and her gray and broken skin. Without warning, there is a yellow explosion on her head and the camera sets its sights on the junior army rangers who have just scored their first kill in this year’s zombie hunt.

the 12 seconds i can't get back

This is the scene my eight year old daughter plays over and over in her head. (I’ll warn you, before you click on the link, my description doesn’t do it justice. It’s quite disturbing.) It renders her frozen in fear and strapped to my neck as she recounts the previous day’s nightmare.

12 seconds. That’s all it took to leave an impression. It is this same 12 seconds that will no doubt be shown dozens of times between today and October 31st, a mere 36 days from today. Ugh. I didn’t take her to any theater and she’s never been on a zombie hunt. She didn’t read about it in a book or see it on Netflix. All she did was sit with me while I watched the morning news. Morning. News. You know, the program shown from 7 to 9 am…in the morning.

First I was averting my eyes and grappling with the discomfort (no pun intended) of sitting in a room with my teenage son as the Osphena women spoke of vaginal dryness while seducing the camera. Now this.

I can’t imagine that the Osphena commercial plays to the same demographic as the zombie killing one. (Perhaps it does.) Morning show advertising must be on sale this month.

Here’s the irony, at the close of every morning news program, our local CBS affiliate, the very same one that has sold airtime for this nightmare inducing graphic display, airs a segment called Moms Everyday. This is a national organization geared toward providing moms with the tools to take better care of themselves and their families. Can anyone say, Oxymoron?

Although the commercial on my local network puts knots in my stomach, I don’t much care that it exists. Ok, I care a little bit, but I don’t plan on doing any zombie hunting of my own any time soon, so normally I could just ignore it. I do care though that it is shown at 8:00 am. I do care that I have to be vigilant about remaining in the livingroom, even though my other children are rising and needing help with breakfast, just so I can be sure to distract my eight year old, should the zombies surface again.

Yes, I could turn off the television. Yes, I could watch a different morning news program (although I doubt I would find the advertising to be much different.) But, here’s the thing, why should I have to?

Is there no time in my day that I can let down my guard, even a little? Is there no point at which I can turn on the television and not worry that a random 12 seconds is going to keep my children up countless nights? Is there no criteria by which we, as society, check ourselves on the idiot scale? Is there no time at which we look at what we’ve done and realize we’ve sold our souls and the souls of our children and are taken aback? Is there no limit to what we will allow our children to see?

I’ll be writing my local station. I’ll be making contact with Moms Everyday. And, while I might just be fighting a losing battle, I’ll be fighting. Care to join me? Watch carefully. I would imagine you’ll see a similar scene on your television sometime in the next 36 days.


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

13 thoughts on “the 12 seconds i can’t get back

  1. I don’t even know where to start Heather. It’s absolutely ridiculous that we as a society are stupid enough to call these things entertainment. And then we direct them at our young people. I would love to join you, but I’m sure they wouldn’t take me seriously as we don’t do the television thing. We get our news through the internet (check out KHouse sometime). We don’t need any other television. People often think we’re strange when they find out we don’t watch television. THIS is part of why we don’t.
    If you think that’s bad… Six months ago (give or take) when I got my news paper the front page story was that our state was the #2 state likely to survive a zombie attack and devoted TWO pages as to why. (I should tell you it had more to do with likely wilderness & homestead skill level more than weirdo-ism–which we have too.) We canceled our subscription shortly afterward. If our news staff is so blind that that’s the best news they could round up, then we didn’t need to read about their ignorance each day either.
    Hope your kiddos don’t have nightmares, daymares, or wandering ideas. Good luck on your launch of attack.

  2. So, I have to smile a little when I read this,because I can hear my children in the background rehearsing my favorite term for the TV. “Stupid Box”. As of right now, we don’t have a TV in our home, but will more than likely have one before the year ends. 😦 You are right, though, it is everywhere and there is often little we can do about it because of the 1st amendment. That said, what I can do, and have tried diligently to do, is teach my children to honor Philippians 4:8-9, think on whatever is true, lovely and of a good report. When the commercials that bombard the purity of my son’s mind flash, he knows and chooses to turn away because we have talked about this verse and the insulation it gives to our minds. We are not warring with the flesh, though it often feels like it, we are warring with the principalities and powers of darkness that strip away the sensitivity to purity that His Spirit leads us to embrace. Will it get better, likely as not, but can we teach and guide them to better, Absolutely! That is our hope right?
    Praying your words will enlighten those who are making decisions to air such content in the morning!

  3. Hi Heather, I completely agree and would love to have you share this at the Blessing Counters Linkup – You’re completely correct on this. I have friends who are frustrated because they can’t even watch a sporting event with their children because of the ads. And you’re just trying to watch the morning news. Wouldn’t it be nice if a few things were off-limits from trashing our children’s minds. So glad I found you over at Mel’s today! Blessings to you!

  4. So sad that we have to be so vigilant today, but we do 😦 Thank goodness we’ve waaay cut back on TV. But of course, questionable stuff is all around us. So it’s a matter of teaching our kids, not hiding out now.

  5. ugh i so agree with this. We had a similar experience with a target undie commercial that was basically soft porn.


  6. I pray in Jesus’ Name that your daughter will forget this atrocity. I am so sorry that she was hurt by this.
    Laura Lane

  7. Wow. Definitely not for the morning hours. Sorry your poor little saw this!

  8. I never watched television when my child was a child, and she’s turning 29 this year. I wouldn’t dream of watching it in this current climate of evil and “anything goes.” Don’t hold your breath for any changes, but I wish you well.

  9. Good luck! I hope you make a difference. We don’t watch the morning news at my house. It’s gets the day off to a depressing start but I know lots of folks love it.

  10. Heather,

    How sad that our society wants to save the whales and the environment (not that I don’t like both), but are so callous about the hearts and minds of our children, as well as our own. We destroy life in the womb and call it “choice,” allow porn on our airwaves and call it “freedom of speech,” and justify violence for entertainment and shock value, while railing against it around the world.

    Come, Lord Jesus!

    But it the meantime we can know that Jesus is still on the throne, that He wants us to allow Him to work through us one heart and one mind at a time. And He doesn’t ask us to solve the problems, only to be ready to give an account for the hope that is in us (1 Pet. 3.15) and to be faithful (1 Cor. 4.2).

    Blessings my sister,

  11. How horrible! I only watched a part of your video…there is no reason to put this into my mind, let alone a child’s. The ongoing desensitizing of people is sad… and wrong. I’m glad you will be writing to the station….. and no, I don’t we can EVER let down our guard…. 12 seconds is all satan needs… or less. We don’t watch tv here… we might read or hear a bit of news at times during the day and share it w/ each other, but we don’t want to be bombarded by all that our culture thinks is okay. I hope your daughter will recover from this and that God will erase that horrible memory for her.

  12. I confess, I didn’t watch the video…Praying for you & the sicklies. May God restore your health and use this time for more snuggles.

    • I’m glad you didn’t watch. Just thought I needed to put in evidence that it actually exists. Thank you! We are all doing well…in spite of the fact that it was on again this morning…at 8:59. Ugh.

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