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judge me.


I’m a rash thinker. I make emotional decisions and I make them quickly. This is not one of my finer qualities in that, sometimes I just end up being flat out wrong.

We’re under attack though, from one another and from within ourselves over this word, “Judge.” And so today I’m taking it on, and I believe with everything in me, I’m right about this.

“Judge not, that you not be judged!”

You’ve seen it all over social media. They are words to live by. Our trump card against all injustice are these words spoken by Jesus Himself.

We use this line from God’s word and others like it as mantras of empowerment. We scream at one another, “You can’t tell me what to do!” We throw sin back in our accuser’s face. Accuser. That’s how we view one another. And because of that, we are more determined than ever to stand our ground. We back up our friends who shout it too and elect monthly poster children for our cause.

Judge Me...PLEASE!

“God alone will judge me!” we say time and again.

Dear Friend, trust me when I say that YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO COME TO THAT!

Yes, God is a God of forgiveness and love and compassion. But, we forget that He’s also a God of wrath and destruction to those who mess with His people, to those who would lead others away from Him. He says things like, “Repent,” and “turn from your ways,” and He means it. God tolerates disobedience in no form. When we are disobedient, people die. Jesus died.

But, but, but…Jesus says!

Judge Me...PLEASE! Matthew 7

These words from Matthew have caused much pain and anxiety. No. Our wrong interpretation of these words, that is the issue because we stop right there without reading further. We turn a blind eye regarding what the whole of God’s word really says about our sin and our need to be called on the carpet for digging our heels in and being unrepentant. We forget or flat out ignore that there is a verse three and a four and a five.

Jesus also says,

Judge Me

God doesn’t say, “Don’t judge.” He says, “Before you do so, you better get your own act together.” (not direct quotes)

And in response I say, Judge me. Please! Because if you do it right, if I do it right, and if we each do it in the way God intends for this judgement thing to be done, according to what His word actually says, we’ll both be better for it.

Because, here’s what will happen…

You will make certain before you come to me about my sin that that pesky log has been removed from your own eye and healed with the balm of His forgiveness. If you want to speak with me about infidelity, you’ll get your marriage in order. If you want to speak with me about gossip, you’ll put in check what comes from your fingertips and from your mouth. If you want to speak with me about forgiving others, you’ll get down on your knees and ask that God would help you do the same. Then, by all means, JUDGE ME, PLEASE!

I have no desire to be stuck in sin. None. I have no desire to disappoint my Heavenly Father. I have no desire to lead my children and others astray.

Tell me. Tell me when I’m being an idiot and am drowning in a sin that I can’t or don’t want to see. Tell me when I’m doing something that can actually harm my marriage, my children, my friends. Tell me, so I don’t find out, years down the road, in a flood of broken relationships. Tell me!

Judge me. Come and do so with the authority given to you by God, that I may gain strength and insight and self-control, and that I too may go forth forgiven, and sin no more!

You do this for me and I’ll do it for you and we’ll both be the children God intends for us to be. Well, not entirely, we’ll screw it up, every single day. But we’ll try. We’ll do it lovingly. With minds and hearts willing to change to the glory of God and for the good of our neighbor! All because we judged one another, not out of a desire for the condemnation of our neighbor, but so that God might have bountiful opportunities to be gracious and merciful and compassionate and forgiving and still working within us and a million other things.

“Judge not!” are not words to live by. They are in fact words to die by if you stop reading there.


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

18 thoughts on “judge me.

  1. This is great and so true! I am guilty of making rash judgements too sometimes but it is so important to get the whole meaning behind the message and not stop reading too soon. In the day of quick and easy it’s even more dangerous to stop so soon. Thanks for reminding me of the entire meaning behind judging so quickly.

    • Honestly Angie, when I wrote it, I was thinking more about how God tell us to judge appropriately, and didn’t really think about encouraging us to take our time and not come to rash or quick judgement. That is part of right judgement though. Thank you!

  2. Wow. Powerful words! I totally hear you on this. I had a friend who I once thought would just keep quiet, but instead she encouraged me to think differently about how I was behaving, and it really spoke to me. We need more friends who are willing to step up and be honest about what we need to hear. Thanks for this Heather! Blessings!

    • We do! And we need to be better about accepting a word of caution spoken out of love. It sounds easy, but it is absolutely not. Lord, help us to judge and to receive judgement rightly and well.

      • Oh, it is so hard, but I believe it truly comes from a place of love when a friend will step out like that. I know I felt really loved because she wanted God’s best for me. Blessings!

      • So nice to hear! Enjoy your Sunday Michelle! Hope you get to hear much about Christ crucified and risen for you!

  3. I think we’re sometimes scared of another’s reaction to the judging. Maybe they’ll turn on us and point out things our sin. So instead we just keep quiet and tell ourselves it’s between them and God. You make a great case for holding each other accountable though and I hope that people will care enough about me to do that, too!

  4. Yes yes yes!!!

    God grant us hearts willing to receive such judgment… The loving kind, preferably… But also when unloving kind comes may we be able to forgive and see if there is any truth in it!

  5. So glad I found your blog! I love this!!! I love the saying, “Don’t judge me by my past – I don’t live there anymore.” All things are made possible through Christ! What a marvelous blessing!

  6. Accountability is so important! It is funny though that we’ve taken this to be an “out” when we feel judgment, but what we are really doing is passing more judgment on the person who is trying to bring something to our attention. It is really just classic blame shifting. We always want to put the uncomfortable focus on the other person, don’t we?! We really do need to do a lot better job looking at ourselves first and making sure we are saying things in love. Thanks for linking up!
    -S.L. Payne,

  7. I totally agree. Jesus also said for us to judge by appearance but to judge with righteous judgment (John 7:24). We live in a culture where ‘judging’ has become worse than the sin itself. That small portion of scripture is not a license to indulge in sin – a man gave up His life for that sin we toy with. If God took sin so seriously that He was willing to give up His only Son to take on the sin of the world, then we need to take it seriously, too. A gret post!

  8. Great perspective, Heather! When we strive to live by ALL of God’s word and not just PARTS of it, we are so much better for it! The problem,, I think, is that many {most} people don’t believe they sin. It’s the enemy’s ultimate delusion. Have a blessed week! and may all that we do be done in love.

    • …or that someone else’s sin is so much worse than our own. We forget that an and all sin is devastating to our relationships with one another and denial of such puts in jeopardy our relationship with Him. Thank you June! And, yes, knowing that love only comes from Him.

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