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how we’re doing


I had a lovely friend ask me yesterday how we’re doing. If you were with me throughout our last weeks in Kansas, through all of the madness, through the baby having and baptizing, and holy week surviving, and house hunting, and box packing, and goodbye saying, you would know, it’s a good question.

Our women’s Bible study at church began a couple weeks ago. It’s a bit like an oasis in a desert. Just a taste of the things to come. I forgot how long it takes to get to know people in a new environment, and how crucial all of those “in addition to Sunday morning” activities can be when getting to know a new church family. I am looking forward to that day when instead of being in an oasis, I’m on an island surrounded by all of the knowledge and love and joy in this journey I can possibly take in. I know it’s coming. I can feel it.

Walking into the sanctuary of our new home is beginning to actually feel like home. I know where the silverware is kept and the paper cutter too. I have yet to take on the dishwasher or the sound system in the fellowship hall, but those both feel like second half of the first year kind of things.

Seth has been crazy busy getting to know our new families and I am keeping up…eh, no I’m not. I’ll get there eventually. It hasn’t been until this week, yesterday in fact, that I can see a light at the end of this tunnel of our unscheduled madness. Usually I am a roll with the punches kind of girl, but with my family being in three, sometimes four, sometimes five separate places on any given day, I find myself often fumbling around for a sense of familiarity. This has been the case though for the past…well, since February. We’re all just trying not to drop any proverbial balls. So far…so good…I think.

School for the bigs is going well. A funny thing happened on the way back into the classroom setting though. I learned that I really no longer care about grades. Really, at all. I used to think of them as a good measure of how my children were doing in school, but have since learned, through the learning of my children themselves, that they are really only a fraction of the story of their days. I’m not upset about F’s and I’m not enamored by A’s. If they’re learning the material and are enjoying their days, I could care less about the rest. The boy left his homework folder at home today, so all of today’s work will be late. Neither Seth, nor I, am running it back to him. He’ll learn. We’ll see if that new found, “meh,” attitude sticks. I hope it does.

Built on the Rock is back in session too and this week we added some preschool-ish type activities to our days. Trying to get Youngest Daughter to cooperate with some sort of schedule is impossible with the rest of us fumbling about. It’s like the chicken and the egg thing. I can’t keep my students on schedule without the baby’s day being consistent…and the opposite is also true. We’re trying to also fit in times for Seth and I to work out a few times a week, a much needed aspect of our days for health and sanity as well. Once we get that figured out, I can hopefully squeeze in some reading and daily personal devotion time as well. You would think finding an extra thirty minutes in the day and the energy to do something that requires attentive brain cells, would be easy. I’m working on it. We’re almost there.

Thank you for asking, dear friend. Thank you.



Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

7 thoughts on “how we’re doing

  1. Heather, I am so enjoying “getting to know you.” Apparently I haven’t been reading long enough 😦 as I didn’t realize you had recently moved. I completely understand your loneliness. I moved here nearly seven years ago. I have been lonely ever since. There is not a single church here (there is a religious gathering place, but not any denomination of Christianity). The next town over has no church. So, three towns over, there is a church. My ladies bible studies are a much needed time for me too! When we’d been married a couple of years, we started a bible study at our house. As many as 8 families began to come–and then I lost my job two towns away for “starting a cult.” It has been a trying time in our faith. But we asked Jesus to use us where we were needed–and here we are–and this town needs JESUS!!!
    I can live a little vicariously through you dear sister. I as so happy you are finding your place and “getting there.” May His hand always guide you and shield you.
    Many blessings,

    • I can only imagine what it would be like to fumble around in a place without even the option of a church home. I am so sorry. What a difficult position! I’m thankful for your husband that helps you work out a schedule so that you can meet with your women’s group! You are in my prayers for strength and for a place where you can hear the word of God spoken to you on a regular basis and for like minded families that might encourage you in your journey.

  2. Heather, I have only known you through the blogging world for a couple months now, but I feel I can so relate. As you know, we’re going through our own year of massive transitions. I get it. I totally understand how just one more thing is too much, no matter how trivial it is, it is too much. I don’t make it here nearly as often as I’d like or should, but when I do I always feel fulfilled. Thank you. Praying for you tonight as you continue your journey on whatever, whatever God has for you, whatever that may be.

    • Thank you Crystal! We are happy to be where we are and know that the ministry here is so important! It does take time to gain your sea legs after any big transition. I know you’re working hard for your family this year. Blessings on your vocations as wife, mother, teacher, child of God…and all the other ones too. 🙂

  3. I’ve been wondering how your kids were doing in school. It sounds like you’re all getting used to it! I’ve found I don’t care about grades nearly as much with my younger kids as I did my older ones. I think it’s kind of made them better students. Now they work more because they want to do well, rather than to please me. I reserve the right to crack down if they abuse their freedom though! 🙂

    It’s hard adjusting to a new area, new church, new baby. It sounds like you’re giving yourself time though and not rushing. I think that’s wonderful! I hope things continue to go well!

  4. I hope you guys continue to find your footing here. Glad to have found your oasis 😉

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