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that time when…


…you are fairly certain your husband-pastor spent much of last night rewriting his sermon just to say all of the things about forgiveness and relationship and the value in one another that you needed to hear. Only, you know he didn’t actually do it, well, because you asked him, and you know that the words spoken were probably ones meant for more than just you… however, you wish that from now on he would tell you how the Holy Spirit is moving him to preach so that you would know what stumbling blocks you need to be on the lookout for that week and also so you wouldn’t get whiplash nodding in agreement about what an idiot you have been, are, will be again.

Did you listen to the readings this weekend?

The one about Joseph who was a bit of a cocky young man, but never deserved a slew of brothers who despised him enough to sell him as a slave. Who didn’t deserve to be thrown in jail, falsely accused by Potipher’s wife. And the brothers who didn’t deserve to be forgiven, but that were, and then given the finest of all that Egypt had to offer them.

The one from Matthew (Have I said how much I love this book? It’s enchanting really.) reminding us that forgiveness is not just a gift that we receive, it’s also one that we can give, that we’re invited and encouraged and expected to give…especially to those who in our eyes don’t deserve it because, uh, hello, that’s us too. Every. Single. Day.

Excuse me while I look up this Sunday’s verses…(You can find them here.)


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

4 thoughts on “that time when…

  1. how wild! my pastor hubs taught on the same thing Sunday morning! Weird. Cool. So Strange. We are at a Baptist Church though – insert all the funny jokes about pot lucks, back row heathens and the such. It’s all true. Just Kidding.

  2. I love those weeks when you feel the sermon was meant just for you… well, as much as I can love being confronted with my own shortcomings, ha! I will have to come listen to your husband preach sometime! I remain at my church mostly because the preaching is amazing regardless of which of our pastors is doing it.

    • We have visited a few times and my in-laws are members there. I attended St. John’s in college and was actually a member for a time. The music is what I remember/enjoy most about that place. 🙂

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