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what i loved, laughed, and learned today


What I loved today…
Watching my son run cross country. Really, everything about it. The course, the drizzling rain, the fact that he was all muddy afterwards, that he never stopped to walk and was thrilled about it, the running back and forth to see him as much as possible, his kick at the end.
The cookies I made for our volleyball tournament this weekend. Sooo delicious!
Oldest Daughter’s attitude about homework. She didn’t come home with a ton, but it was enough that it could have proven frustrating. She took it in stride. That’s my girl.
10,000 steps! This hardly ever happens during the week!
Oldest Daughter quoting the fourth commandment along with its meaning because she thought that I would love that she knew it. I do.
Reading “The Mixed Up Files…” with Oldest Middle and coming upon the end of the chapter unexpectedly. We wanted more!
My six, soon to be seven month old. Have you smelled baby cheeks lately? Head to toe she is just remarkable (even if she never, ever, ever sleeps through the night.)

What made me laugh today…
Youngest Middle in her black long-sleeve sparkly shirt underneath her brown tank top sparkly shirt, paired with red pants that were so last year she can now wear them as capris (can, but perhaps should not,) and yellow and pink crocs.

What I learned today…
You can get crayon out of a battery operated pencil sharpener by melting it out, but that will render said sharpener useless.
Refrigerating cookie dough makes for fluffy chewy cookies as opposed to flat-stanley ones.
I think I might actually like doing the dishes. I know! I am as shocked as you are! Laundry is still a big fat no because there truly is no end to that, but dishes? I had maybe a whole 30 minutes today where every dish in the house was clean. It was bliss I tell you.
Sometimes the graded papers your son hands you at the end of the day he really does need back. Oops.

What did you love, laugh, learn today?


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

5 thoughts on “what i loved, laughed, and learned today

  1. This is great.

    So, it sounds like you have kids slightly older than mine. We are just hitting the sports stage. And I’ve always been all “It’s not ok to get crazy busy, sports are overblown, we will TRY it unles sit gets too hectic… tc etc” which I still believe, though I have to say I am seriously enjoying sports in our lives now. I coached volleyball for our 4th/5th graders and my daughter is on the sixth grade team. It’s been hectic but so good for me and the girls. Now… the younger ones…. I’m not so sure. Their lives are so much crazier than my older kids when THEY were younger! Feeling like I’m rocking motherhood with half my kids and neglecting the other half.. argh! any words of wisdom would be most welcome.

    • Emily, it’s so difficult to give all the kids all the time and energy they need from me. I kind of feel like just as sports and other activities have their seasons, so do my children. Each of them have a time either of the day or the week where they are going to need more of my attention than everyone else is going to get. Right now its my four year old who is getting caught in the midst of the madness. I think maybe just starting with a day being very intentional about giving some extra love where ever it needs to be. Anyone else? Great request Emily!

      • That’s a good way to look at it. I’m trying to enjoy the time with the one set of kids in itself, without feeling guilt ridden towards the others… and I am noticing that if I am looking for ways, not to make it up to the other ones, but to dump some extra love in the other ones’ buckets, so to speak, I can usually find it.

        Seasons. It’s all about seasons. Keeping score is pointless, really… butr keeping my eyes open and my heart ready for the opportunities that come is essential. So help me God.

      • Keeping our eyes open for opportunities…YES!

  2. All sound so good!
    Today I loved: My father said he would come see me tomorrow (we don’t have a good relationship). The two-year old RUNNING to hug the three year old who just shut her finger in the door before I could get there. I got to cuddle with three different kids at different times today.
    Today I laughed at: two year old who stares at the Farmer while he eats and trying to mimic him in every way while he doesn’t even notice.
    Today I learned: when a raccoon scours your corn patch, he will neatly stack up all the cobs.
    It was a healing day–yesterday was rough.

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