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completely random…but, dessert first


It’s not just for grandmothers and grandchildren anymore. Truly. My family will never do this, but I have to say, if you eat your dessert first, then you won’t be filled with the other goodness that lines your table only to stuff yourself to the gills after dinner because who in their right mind would pass up dessert. Just sayin’

We shopped today with just the two youngest girls. We went to five stores and were home by noon. It was bliss. Strange, but bliss.

At one of the stores we noticed something familiar in the produce section. Attention Kansas friends, you are sitting on a gold mine! They are selling hedge apples up here for 78 cents each! Crazy! I won’t tell them that they really don’t work for keeping spiders and crickets at bay if you won’t…

Oldest Middle is in Colorado with her grandparents and spent the day watching the likes of Phil Mickelson and other masters of the links. She even got a ball from Ernie Els’ caddie. She is having a lovely time and being sufficiently spoiled.

I use Google as my spell check way more than anyone should…ever.

I’m on day…eighty something of this posting every day thing and am completely stuck. The well has (quite obviously) run dry. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m considering whether or not it would be prudent for me to take a week or so off to try to come up with something that might actually be worth reading. I’m also just considering dragging you all through the drivel of what might be my next few weeks’ posts and see what happens when we come out the other side. Again…Thoughts?

Before you comment though, go get some dessert.


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

5 thoughts on “completely random…but, dessert first

  1. I mowed yesterday and had to pickup SEVERAL hedge apples my friend! Perhaps I could bring them to Nebraska and sell them! 🙂 Write anyway, I’m up for the slow side of life. No breaks, 365 days of writing… oh did you say they had to be consecutive? HUM……. 🙂 I’m heading off for some peach cobbler with ice cream now.

  2. Wow. You’re tough Heather. I’ll share my dirty little secret. I often sit and write many posts at once and then just time them to spill out all week. Oft times, God will inspire me with multiple themes. And then the rest of the week…the well is dry. I used to not even turn on my computer for days (until I joined this where two or more gather challenge–that’s changed everything 🙂 ).
    If you’re determined to write every day, then ask God what He would have you share to connect with others.

    • I do what I can to upset the balance in your day…hopefully in the best possible way. 🙂 I have a hard time finding enough time to write, coupled with the fact that my own writing drives me a little crazy and I go back and edit way too often, makes it difficult to put a string of posts together all at once. Plus, I really do just want to do a bit of writing every single day. So, while it won’t be rocket science, it will probably continue and I’m thrilled to have you along for the ride, Deborah!

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