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the first week


“Mom, I want to do one thing for school tomorrow…snack.”
And so it went for Youngest Middle. That and a little ABC Mouse were pretty much the extent of her week.

Oldest Middle slid comfortably into last year’s routine. It is markedly different only having one grade school student at home…at least it is for me. She still has the same type and amount of work, but I have no planner other than the one hidden inside my brain. I can juggle one schedule. It’s oddly peaceful.

I’ve missed the two biggest like crazy. Especially on Thursday when they didn’t get home until 6:00. That part of the schedule I am not enjoying at all. It does make dinner time a little more lively though, or maybe just lively in a different way. Everyone has been so talkative, getting caught up on everything that has happened throughout the day that Seth has had little time to create any crazy songs. I miss that a little too. I’m thankful it’s the weekend!

We all were able to attend chapel this week. It was lovely and peace-filled. It reminded me of all the reasons we gave our children a choice this year, of why I changed my major halfway through college to include a Lutheran Teacher’s Diploma. It was balm for the soul.

Oldest Daughter is in charge of the phones this week at school. It’s a smaller school, so the students do actually answer the phones, so that the teachers working in multi-grade classrooms don’t have to interrupt their lessons. Here’s what I love about her job though, at the beginning of each day, she makes a phone call to one of the elderly members of the congregation. The students are given a script and are to ask questions about how the members are feeling and if they are in need of a personal visit. Each member gets a phone call every school day. I could not love this more!

She came home on the second day after a full course load and volleyball practice (thus the getting home at 6:00) and was in tears because she had made a couple rookie mistakes. I pray that she will heed our words from that day, reminding her that our expectations for her are that she does her best, whatever that is on any given day.

Friday was better and we even got a little bit of homework done Friday evening, which for her is huge.

As far as the boy is concerned…Victory is mine, saith this mom! I have been nudging him towards cross country for years…truly, years! He has proclaimed this year that he is interested in running, I think mainly because some of the other boys in his class are, but hey, I’ll take it. I am thrilled! I never even came close to getting a concussion running hills. Not that it couldn’t happen, just sayin’.

Work in the classroom is going well for him…I think. It drives me a little nutty not being able to know exactly what is going on with his curriculum. I do know that he forgot to reduce a fraction on one of his math problems today, which made me laugh because we had this conversation a million times last year. I’m glad I was with him to have those conversations, to know that.

I will always be thankful for the three years they were in my class. I pray their teachers know what awesome children they have on loan to them this year, and I am continuing to pray for a smooth transition as we move into week two. Feel free to join me. 🙂


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

6 thoughts on “the first week

  1. Heather I can’t even imagine how hard this would be for you. I’ve never been able to take this step of sending my kiddos off to public school. I want so dearly for my kiddos to learn other authorities other than mom & dad. It will happen, and there are opportunities in our church for this (as long as mom or dad isn’t teaching/leading).
    I LOVE the phone calls! What an opportunity to develop their servant’s hearts. Adding you to my prayers tonight (and your arrows too).

    • Deborah, we were part of a co-op last year where the kids had other teachers and I got to teach some other students. It was one day a week and we thoroughly enjoyed that time. I am interested to see how the phone conversations will change throughout the course of the year. Thank you for your prayers!

  2. loved the story part of the students calling the elderly ….. great skill building with that….

  3. I’m so glad it’s going well so far! Yay for a smooth transition! I think the phone calls to the elderly is so sweet and I’m sure both the kids and the elderly benefit. What a wonderful idea!

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