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the pirate formerly known as redbeard

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At 2:20 you’ll see him, at the top left hand section of your screen. He’s the one with the black and white bandana and the white beard (that was formerly red.) He is singing with the Sound of the Rockies barbershop chorus on stage in Las Vegas at the 2014 International Barbershop Harmony Society Chorus Contest.


As you watch, you must know this…
The gentlemen on the left with two eye patches, you know, the one steering this big ship is actually blind. (It’s funny, you see, because he’s the one steeeeering.)
Choruses often delight in making a little fun of one another and so all of the people walking the plank are fellow competitors.
The Pirates Who Don’t Know Anything are the judges, who sit and watch 32 choruses throughout the day, critiquing every note and every beat of choreography. They do actually know some stuff.
The Sound of the Rockies has medaled every year they have participated since 2007. He was there that year too. So was I. This year they got fourth place. If it weren’t such an honor, we all might be ready to pillage and plunder. They were awesome and Gold medal champions in my book. They are a sight to behold, in the best possible way, each and every time.
Hours of weekly practice, weekend retreats, self-study, extreme focus and attention to detail down to the very ties on the costumes of each pirate, down to the naming of their character, down to finding a mascot…for an entire year, to perfect these 17 minutes.
The Pirate Formerly Known as Redbeard seen at 2:20…that’s my dad. 🙂


Author: Heather

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