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it feels good to be here


This past weekend we were privileged to be invited to the wedding of a beautiful young woman who Seth had the honor of confirming just yesterday…or so it seems. I remember thinking during the whole cutting of the cake ceremony and the obligatory (although you don’t ever see the bride and groom protest) smooching, “How can she possibly be old enough to kiss a boy?” I do not know. I do know though that she was stunning and happy and all of the things a new bride should be.

We were only in our old stomping grounds for two days but tried with all our might to cram everything we possibly could into that time. I could narrate the whole weekend for you, but how about a few highlights instead?

Our lovely young at heart German neighbor upon hearing we were going to be in the area, baked some “healthy” oatmeal cookies for us just in case we stopped by. We did and enjoyed much too short a visit that included seeing how my girls’ adopted of the heart kittens have grown and of course a few rides on the zip line.

Oldest daughter had a chance to spend the night with a friend from our home school group. They went to the rodeo, milked the cows, and exchanged diaries until the next time they see one another. These two could be sisters. I love my children’s friends. Truly.

Our son got to swim with some of his own friends from our home school group. It was too short of a time, but I’m not sure that an entire weekend would have been enough for him.

I got to see my Haiti friend and talk Haiti children and adoption and anticipation with her. If you were praying with us for these children, know this, there are still a couple of them who are feeling the effects of the virus, and Josie is still really hurting. God is choosing to say, “Yes” to some and, “Wait” to others. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers!

We had lunch at a friend’s house. It’s always a joy to sit and relax and just be comfortable with God’s gift of friendship.

We got to worship with our first congregation. It was so good to see everyone and it was only a little weird. We left. It was God’s call, but we did have a choice, so it’s bound to be a tough transition and a shift in relationships for us all. We were once again loved upon and it made me all the more anxious to see who their new pastor will be, who they will get to love all over next. They are really good at it. They are just beginning the call process, but we are praying fervently for them and for whomever God is preparing for them. I’m so excited for them both.

As we were sitting, having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants before getting dressed for the wedding, Oldest Middle looked at me and said, “Mom, it feels good to be here.”

Wise beyond her years, she was right.

It was indeed good to be there.


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

4 thoughts on “it feels good to be here

  1. Having your sweet girl want to sit with me at the wedding was wonderful.

  2. It was so so good to chat. Can’t wait for the next time.–

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