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We live in a little residential neighborhood in a small town, so when we heard a car RACING down our street last night at 11:00 at night and a police car following, sirens blaring, it was a bit startling.
They just passed by once and after about 3 or 4 minutes, we could no longer hear the sirens.
Praying for a quick and safe resolution.
He had to have been going 50.
What a mess.


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

2 thoughts on “shaken

  1. so much happens in our neighborhood too that we never know how it gets resolved! peace to all around!

    • We have yet to hear, but have heard of no one being injured, so we are incredibly thankful for that. I trust it is being handled correctly. Thank you Connie!

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