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intricacies and foundations


As I plunge deeper into God’s word, I am constantly surprised…perhaps surprised isn’t the right word. Fascinated? Intrigued? Hopelessly longing for more?…as I consider the way each of His words is connected, one to another. It is nothing less than a literary masterpiece. Prophesies written thousands of years prior, fulfilled in Christ, hints of God’s Son in Joseph and Joshua, the seemily endless connections between the new and old testaments. His writing is no piece of fiction and it contains no errors.

I don’t know why I am so surprised (here surprised is indeed the correct word) when God plans parts of my life that I could never in a million years orchestrate.

Shortly after Oldest Middle was born I started attending MOPS. My care group leader my second year was a lovely woman named Sarah. She and I quickly found out that we had a little bit in common. We were both of the same Lutheran faith and had both gone to the same college. Ok, these are some pretty significant commonalities. Even so, Sarah and I only got to know each other a bit that year. In God’s time it was indeed a year of foundation.

I ran into Sarah in several different places over the next few years. She home schooled her young children and ended up being my oldest daughter’s basketball coach for a season. We were friends on Facebook and by the grace of God our lives kept crossing paths, time and time again. That’s what it takes with me, relentless pursuit. God knows this.

Sarah and her husband visited Haiti for the first time in August of 2012. They have a long familial history with the country, but had never been there themselves. Upon their return they invited everyone they knew to come see pictures and listen to stories. My husband and I went and six months later, we were seated next to Sarah, on a plane headed south.

While in Haiti, Sarah introduced us to Pastor Thomas Bernard. He is a remarkable leader and the voice of God to his community and far beyond. I’ve written some entries about our time there that I may share another time, but suffice it to say, it was incredible and heart-wrenching and wonderful all at the same time.

We are hoping to return to Haiti this coming spring and will no doubt get to see Pastor Bernard once again.

The end.

But, wait! We discovered just last week that Pastor Bernard’s daughter will be attending a college that sits not more than a half mile from our home. And while Pastor has many friends in the area, and while I don’t know that we will ever get a chance to meet her here and love on her, I certainly hope we do. I would love to be able to care for her if only in a fraction of the way her father cares for the children, the families in his church and school and community.

The news is thrilling and is proof that our God of foundations and intricacies far more complex than we could ever dream or imagine, is still at work. His possibilities are endless!

And it all began at MOPS.



Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

7 thoughts on “intricacies and foundations

  1. Sometimes God sets things in motion and while we don’t see all the pieces connecting at first, eventually they make a beautiful picture. It sounds like yours and Sarah’s relationship is one of those. Those are the priceless kind.

  2. Really! It didn’t just begin with MOPS…it started the day He created you. One of a kind to lift up and honor Him as you reach into the depths of your soul to obey Him. Let the adventure begin!

  3. God certainly works all things together! What an awesome story of his “relentless pursuit” (love that)

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