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A year of writing a little bit of everything. Writers Write, Right?

this blogging stuff makes me crazy!


I can imagine a time when God looked into the future of this world He created and the people He formed with such loving detail, and saw them consumed by blogging, and rolled His almighty eyes at what was to come.

Really, there are times when I absolutely enjoy writing and putting my thoughts out there for you to read, and then there are times when I think the whole process is more than a little ridiculous.

Since beginning this project, I have spent a little more time in the blogging world, trying to navigate the millions of people who are convinced that you must read every word that they have to say on any given day (This does include me, by the way. Trust me, you can’t miss a post!)

These are just a few of the things I’ve discovered…things that you may already know, but they are so absurd I must write them down.

  • We spend entirely too much time trying to make bloggy friends, most of whom we will never even meet, while at the same time going years, YEARS without knowing the names of the family that lives across the street.
  • We provide links for all types of products and businesses on our sites without being aware whether or not what our readers are seeing is something we even care for at all. It might even be something that makes us sick to our collective stomachs, all in the name of monetizing. (I have to admit, I don’t understand voluntarily doing this one. WordPress started running ads on here yesterday…Yesterday! I’m not sure if I want to pay actual money to have them removed….sigh.)
  • We have some crazy rules that you absolutely must follow. You have to like our pages on ten different sites, advertise for us for the rest of your blog’s existence, and name your third child after us, or we just can’t be friends.
  • We like flashy, pretty things. We are often a whole lot less about substance than statistics.
  • We’re slightly hypocritical…ok, maybe more than slightly. We pretend that you are the heart and soul of why we blog, but we are the very definition of egocentric. We want you to follow us, but we have serious criteria for following you. We want to be part of a community, but there’s no way we can do that by reading one post from your blog and then never visiting again, which we do…all the time. (We’re gonna take a shot at correcting this last one together. Come back tomorrow to see how!)
  • We’ll shush our kids, let the laundry get that mildewy smell, and send our husbands off to fall asleep without us, all because we have a post that will change the world if we can just get it shared on that link-up.

It is madness, truly…that being said, they’ll be a new post right here tomorrow and the day after that and the next one too. So Share, Pin, Comment below about what makes you want to pull out what’s left of your hair, and in the name of all that is holy, FOLLOW ME!


Author: Heather

I want you to see life the way I see it. Often contradictory, seldom predictable, many times lovely, occasionally tragic, but every day filled with God's grace.

8 thoughts on “this blogging stuff makes me crazy!

  1. oh girl you hit the nail on the head and you are absolutely right on all of those points. I feel like my mind is constantly thinking about the next blog post or looking to see if I have any new follows each week. It’s madness really! Thanks for this post.

  2. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!! Especially of kid-shushing and laundry-ignoring! Why’d you have to get all in my business?? 😀

  3. and rolled His almighty eyes at what was to come…

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    I love it!

    Balance is so hard, isn’t it? I often ask myself why I can’t seem to do something without getting sucked into overdoing it!

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