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four year old thief

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My children are like clockwork when it comes to the stage when their sneaky self shows it’s not so glorious face. The four year old has been at it for a while really. Smartypants. When a child backs out of a room with her hands behind her back, that’s pretty much a glaring sign that something fishy is going on.

This particular fishy thing I didn’t even notice until we were in the next state. I’m not going all the way back to Colorado to make it right. The item in question was probably worth only a couple of dollars. The child in question showed just the right amount of remorse.

In a similar situation with a similarly aged culprit, we have had said culprit purchase items for the local food bank, spending equal the amount of the hijacked item. This child is broke and she’s not getting a job anytime soon.

Is apologizing and being granted forgiveness where it should end for my little sinner/saint?

What would you/have you/will you do when your own children make this mistake?

Oh, and thank you to the moon and back for sharing yesterday’s post! Keep praying friends!


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